on flowers


The other day as I walked into Whole Foods Market, I really felt this sudden urge to grab a bouquet of flowers. The roses looked particularly fine that day, with droplets of water almost like dew that brought the tapestry of vivid colours right into life. I have always chosen roses to be my favourite flower although I don’t really have a reason for that. It is really a choice, rather than a preference. I have little experience or exposure to flowers, except for those times I ventured into that distant territory to buy some for my mother. The charming lady at the flower shop near Xóm Mới market could never do a good job hiding her giggle when this twenty-ish man in office clothing found his way through precarious piles of arranging baskets and asked for “anything with roses that suits the Women’s Day”. It was 10 months ago when I was still working in Vietnam, and my mom said I was definitelly ripped off because that basket of roses was so, so overpriced. But I could not care less, really. Once in a while only.

Roses are the classic flower for anyone to favor, and I figure for now I will go with the mainstream. At least until I have a memory impactful enough to make me sway for that  flower for good. Much like many other preferences in life, I guess. Until the day you make up your mind and opt for one as “my flower”, “my colours”, “my number”, “my type of partner”, and what else, either you settle down with no preferences at all and watch the world go on with their own stories, or conjure up an idealistic image of preferences that deep down you know won’t exist. Oh well, Mr or Ms Right is a theoretical concept anyway, and the Truth part of Truth-or-Dare is just b.s. You fall in love when you fall in love, not because that person fulfills a certain checklist that you got in your pocket. *nodding*

That day in Whole Foods, I almost purchased this wonderful bouquet of roses out of sheer spontaneity and appreciation of beauty. I do that a lot, really, that doing something for no good reasons. Sometimes just because I feel like it. But then I realized I would have nothing to do with the flowers, nobody to give it to, and nowhere to keep it. So I dropped the idea and went for a bag of chips instead.

True story.



And that's what I think. Your turn.

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