dream diary 1


Last night was bizarre.

Insomnia aside, I repeatedly woke up in my sleep, each time after a different dream. Not sure if I could name each of that a REM cycle, but fact remains that I slept really little these day. Last night I woke up twice, or maybe even more. At 620am I knew I could not get back to sleep again, so I decided to get up altogether. I couldn’t remember the first dream and I have let myself forgot the last one, but the moment I woke up from the second dream at about 4am, I immediately played it over and over again in my mind before falling back into sleep. I almost grabbed my phone to write it down.

I told myself I had to remember it.


The details are a bit fuzzy by now, but that dream could be divided into two segments. In the first past, I met a freaky tall kid who dreamed to go to US for college. I led him around literally for some time before we met my coolest senior and her boyfriend on top of a hill. I think she was wearing a white t-shirt, the same one she wore in a photo with empty alcoholic bottles in NYC 2010. Pretty sure there was a blue car behind her. I told her about his wishes, and she scolded me why I couldn’t give him any advice myself. Out of a sudden, another senior of mine starred the scene. He was one who we all have not met, or even heard from in a long time. As I have not seen his latest photos, his appearance in my dream was the same from 3 years ago. He gave us his contact details again and hugged me despite having to stand on the steps to match my height (still the hill. sorry! I can’t control my dream) After that, we made him promise he would not disappear again so we could keep in touch, because “Nhiều chuyện xảy ra với em lắm rồi, anh phải nghe em kể!” (my words in the dream, or so I thought). Then I woke up.


That dream meant something to me, and deep down I know why it was induced. I have intentionally made the characters anonymous, but I knew who they were. Some of you do also. I have been dreaming about my friends in Singapore a lot in recent months. The locations were constantly shifted for each storyline, but the images were always vivid. My semi-eidetic memory, perhaps? How coincidental that I taught the kids in my English class about dreams last night in a comprehension passage. Maybe what the reading discussed was true after all.

Just thought that I should record this down, cuz it was quite an unusual and deeply meaningful dream. And by the way, why must you simply disappear from our life like that?

at 640am,
Nguyen Vu Phuc Thu 


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