như chờ từng giấc mơ…

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Dreams of Balloons
Dreams of Balloons

It’s scary, yet exciting, and inspiring at the same time, when you are suddenly enlightened by something familiar.

Tonight, while I was riding my motorbike at 11pm to find something for supper, I unexpectedly found myself mesmerized by the simple and elegant, yet painfully true and mocking meaning of a line of lyrics from I song I have known for years.

Mặt Trời Bé Con

Hạnh phúc quá đơn sơ, đời tôi đâu có ngờ,
Từng đêm cô bé chờ, như chờ từng giấc mơ


How sad it is, when we cannot understand the true meaning of happiness. Everybody knows it’s a lifelong quest to find solace and peace, but the anticipation of something unknown to yourself just keeps torturing you mentally. You know you have to possess it, but you don’t even know what it is, and where to start. Every night we lie awake, finding ourselves contemplating on our own past, present and future, and await something that may never come.

Just like dreams that materialize into de javu experience, happiness starts out as something vague and surreal that awaits us to act and make them real. And one day, when we finally achieve it, we look back and regret that we could not decipher the signs sooner.


For an analogy, it’s like, when we sleep, there are limitless options of dreams for us to choose from our consciousness. We never know which dreams will come, and whether they are nightmares or happily-ever-after. So we keep on waiting, and keep on anticipating. And as a matter of fact, we will never stop sleeping, and we will never stop dreaming. We will never stop searching for happiness. And the pursuit of happiness just continues infinitely.

Isn’t that a bit of an irony? The definition of happiness is simple, but we can never understand that truly until we finally achieve it.

Well, like a quote from How I Met Your Mother, “Because sometimes, even if you know how something’s going to end, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the ride.”

As I am growing up to be an adult, though my personality is still cheerful and enthusiastic, I have become much more sensitive and emotional. More and more lyrics make sense to me, while previously they are just words put to melodies that I enjoy singing. Here is one example.

Just something random.


Nguyen Vu Phuc Thu


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