to the beyond
to the beyond

If there is one thing I can take away from writing lengthy English essays, it would be this: Many a time there is no well-defined boundary for the extremes of one issue. And many a time, there are not even end points to a problem. You will always be considered a bad writer if you choose to sit on the fence. That model rubric forces us to choose a stand to defend and a stand to attack, while in fact the scenario is analogous to a trade-off. Only relativism is absolute.

Imagine life as a journey. How far can we go? What is the limit? Where is the final destination? And where is that boundary beyond which we are not allowed to venture? Much similar to an English essay which you must choose an absolute stand to substantiate, life at times asks us to make distinguished choices, while we can actually just go for all instead.

True for academic disciplines, and for life as well. Nobody is entitled the right to define the boundary which you can live your life. Then why not just live it to its best, as if there is no limit at all. Why can’t you love somebody just because people say there are boundaries to which you must abide by? Why should you obey to the boundaries you do not accept? While this life is short enough for us to cherish every second, why wasting them on worrying about what you cannot do, while there are so many things you actually can do?

You know how people claim that the sky is the only limit?

I beg to differ, but I disagree with such stand. I prefer to adopt the following attitude, that the sky is not the limit. Nothing is.

Thus, why don’t we just further the limits, transcend the frontiers and travel the path less traveled?

Only relativism is absolute.

How relative? The definition is up to us.

Totally random. Inspiration from Le Ba Hieu Giang

22nd August 2010,

Nguyen Vu Phuc Thu


2 thoughts on “boundaries

  1. Well we all know sky isn’t the limit, galaxy isn’t either, observational universe isn’t either, so keep pushing. “Stay hungry, stay foolish.”


    1. that reminds me of something I once come across. will share it will you guys soon.
      and that quote from Steve Jobs is forevermore phenomenal…


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