[02.02.10] suddenly

sunset in city

Life is always full of surprises that nobody can ever expect or predict. Nonetheless, I believe that those twists and turns, those obstacles and impediments are only challenges that life, and by this I mean God, offers us to overcome. I hold a firm belief that nobody can control my life, that my life will proceed on the road upon which I have decided to embark.

Enough said. I am not a fatalist, but does that contradict my religion in any senses? Does that mean I am against the universal plan of God? Does that imply that I am against the fundamentals of Roman Catholicism?

But more on religions later…


This is not the first time I keep a blog, in case you do not know. I had a blog on Yahoo 360 last time until it was terminated by some geniuses in that purple corporation. After that, most of my Vietnamese friends moved to Facebook where I blogged once in a while; and by blogging I do not mean answering to tags and such. However, those writings were in Vietnamese most of the time. Personally, I  have no desire to make my blog become a place where I report to friends what I have done. If you are concerned and interested, you are most welcomed to talk to me. This blog is reserved for thoughts of the day. However, for the sake of giving you something practical and fun to read instead of some whiny, lengthy entries, I will also tell you about my days, but only the highlighted and memorable moments. Excuse me if I am rude, but I will not tell you what I eat for lunch or at what time I bathe.*hint* Install a stalking camera in my room and you will know…

Let me see…

Today, after PE (physical education),  I was walking back to the hostel when a sudden surge of emotion engulfed me. I cannot name the emotion specifically, and neither am I sure what made me feel it. It could be the sun sinking down behind the school complex, contouring the building, or the wind blowing uphill from Clementi Road. The emotion is somewhat reminiscence, a little nostalgia, but more of enlightenment. That very moment, I realized that I had been in Singapore for two years.  That was a long journey with ups and downs, with so many priceless lessons learnt by gains and losses. Not sure of the equivalent English word for the feeling, but in Vietnamese I could name it as “bàng hoàng” and “sửng sốt”. It is like time has passed faster than you can really perceive it. I only have two years left until high school graduation, so I had better cherish the time and do the best out of it.

A quick summary of 02nd Feb 10 in point form:

– Realized how the school canteen really sucks.  I only have Chicken Rice Stall, Mixed Rice Stall, Muslim Food Stall and Western Food Stall left for lunch. The Drinks and Snacks Stall somewhat improves, though.

– Drowsed through the tutorial part of Organic Chem lesson. Trust me, I totally understand the lessons, but *sarcastically* Dr Li’s teaching is brilliant, man!

– Watched Grammy Award Ceremony 2010. I enjoyed the music of the first half of the first  part with Lady Gaga, Beyonce and the first half of the second part with Taylor Swift and Michael Jackson’s Tribute. And I forwarded through the rest. *hint* If you are also interested, tell me and I will pass it to you.

– PE is exhausting. I accompanied Ian for the 2.4km run since he did not feel well. We had some talk about science and the truth of life, about the ideal society and how to achieve it. He is very outgoing and friendly, just that his ideas somewhat differ from the common notions. You just have to accept and compromise to the differences make friends with me (which is what I am specially good at)

– Dinner was terrible, and I meant it. Terrible.

– Still haven’t finished reading Classical Genetics for Bio O. Math Test is on Thursday, but I am not so worried about it, though. Year 5 so far is good and promising :D

And that were 700 words already, can you believe that? I should stop here before you all get bored, so thanks for reading!

Nguyen Vu Phuc Thu

p/s: Oh somebody, please remind me of discussing about the changes in my attitude about NUS High School and in life in some later entries okie?


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