[01.02.10] hello February!

How refreshing it is to sit down by your familiar desk and have a sip of hot Milo after a long night working for the boarding school talent search SHINE. This is somewhat different from the annual boarding concert where everybody performs just for the sake of entertainment. This is indeed a competition where the contestants are supposed to fight their best to win the judges’ marks and the audience’s votes. However, it is warm and touching to see the contestants help each other to improve their own items. It is as if they all gathered there tonight to have a good time and to enjoy the experience. Who wins and who loses in the end do not matter at all; it is the time and the effort that counts ultimately. That is exactly the spirit of every competition and contest that I would like to see and practice myself.

Believe it or not, it is already February. To me, this month leaves no special impression. In case you are wonder, Valentine Day has never mattered that much to me, even back then. I got this question from Cleo Chiong today, that whether I have a girlfriend at the moment. To me, it is still awkward to answer “no”. I have no desire to be in a relationship as my days have been packed and overloaded with work, however being in such a solitary state for a long time will definitely make you feel envious and sad whenever you see somebody else in love. No matter what, I am seventeen at the moment. I just hope everything will turn out fine for my life. But foremost, I hope the Valentine experience this year will not be sad. Hugs, anyone?

A quick summary of my day: Last morning (31.01) I woke up at 1030am and start editing my previous entry. I ought to be strict to myself if I would like to improve my English. I went to church with Thien Trang after that and came back for lunch. It sucks as usual, by the way. After spending the whole afternoon drowsing, I quickly prepared a simple powerpoint slide show for the SHINE briefing tonight and went down for the rehearsal at 5pm. It is tiring and exhausting, but not as much as last year when I spent 12 hours in that freezing theatrette preparing for the annual concert. After that, I helped carry all the instruments back to the music room and quickly cleaned my room with Tung for the weekly inspection. It is frustrating to deal with Mr Foo‘s cleanliness standards and expectations. We are boys after all, not to mention foreign students,  which means our room is actually our five-month abode. Can he at least show some understanding? “It is just the way it is lah. More stuffs mean more difficult to get the maximum cleanliness points loh.” Can you believe that?

I had better prepare for lessons tomorrow. I still have not read that content pack for English, which I find interesting and helpful for my summative assessment of essay composition. Math should be fine, as differentiation is a year-4 thing, and optimization as well as related rate are all of common sense. I have no regret not honouring Math, though. I have always known that Math is not my type; although I do acknowledge its importance in our life and in my study of other sciences. Physics is fine with me (in fact this is the only subject that I still keep a perfect score of 5.0), but studying everything again in Calculus is just too discouraging. My interest is really for Chemistry and Biology, which is why I do honours and Olympiads for these two. Majoring Math and Physics is acutally because I am inquisitive and I know that I should at least complete their foundation level as all sciences are inter-connected (although the NUS High of Math and Science’s foundation is level is far higher than other schools). Anyway, off to read Biology textbook now, for both Bio Olympiad and for Core Bio: Nervous system, Ethology and Classical Genetics.

Just one final word: I should really keep my entry short, right?

Good night!

Nguyen Vu Phuc Thu


12 thoughts on “[01.02.10] hello February!

    1. chắc dùng cái này luôn =)) lên host riêng được thêm mỗi cái giao diện, mà em cũng đâu rảnh mà đổi giao diện hoài :))


    1. and now the whole world knows my blog =)) I actually blogged on Yahoo 360 before, also once in a while on Facebook. Now it might be time to get a real blog and start writing :P

      And no lah, is it really mature? I am so much afraid that people will get bored with my lengthy writing lolz


  1. wow, I was just searching for “nus boarding school shine talent search” on google and your blog is first! you blog really maturely. keep it up!


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