[31.01.10] start of something new

As a matter of fact, it’s 3am now. That’s a fact, an irrefutable truth, an undeniable statement. No one can ever prove it wrong, now matter how hard they attempt. It is the current time as indicated at our bottom right for Windows or somewhere top right for Macintosh. In case you do not know, time is one of the topics that have always fascinated me, thus the subtitle of this blog.

books and tea

Funny, isn’t it?! The story goes back several years ago when I picked up the book titled “Vũ Trụ Trong Vỏ Hạt Dẻ” (the Vietnamese translation of The Universe In A Nutshell) by Stephen Hawking. Back then, I always thought that I would devote myself toinvestigating the nature of time and space someday down the road. And here I am, majoring Mathematics and Physics, doing honours for Chemistry and Biology and going for Olympic training for the latter two. Amazing how one’s future orientation can change in just a few numbers of years.

Perhaps it is because of the teenagers’ unstable, fluctuating mentality. Assuming that my blog readers are all my friends, I dare to assert that we are all too eager for what is ahead that we cannot stop and spend at least one more moment thinking of the actual causes and the probable consequences. I hope my choice of Chemistry and Biology as two foundational sciences for university majors and future careers are not impulsive, though. Who knows after the next three years, I may be doing major for Economics and minor for Marketing in university. Everybody who knows me enough would effortlessly realize the drastic change in my own character during the past years with so many life-changing events. Yet, it is time for me to settle down, contemplate thoughtfully about my life ahead and decide on one single road. More on that in later entries.

Like most of you, I have school work up to my ears. Believe it or not, that includes a content compilation to read and online research for English, a calculus revision to be done for Math, one textbook chapters to be read for Bio, two chapters for Bio O and one tutorial to be solved for Chem O.  And guess what, Iactually just spent my night watching the first three episodes of “…Thứ Ba Học Trò” uploaded by some kind strangers on Youtube. Basically it is a Vietnamese sitcom series with a cast full of celebrities and teen stars. The series revolves around how playful a high school class is, also how their mentor teacher deals with them and sort of converts  them to be righteous and respectful. All the episodes fail badly in terms of acting, lighting and sounds, if you would like to know. However it is simply relaxing to have a good laugh after all the stress. I entitle those hours “time-for-my-self”, as I have probably said in some previous blog entries on Yahoo 360.

January has come to an end before I know it. That was the first month of Year 5, my advancement year; and I really enjoy it so far. I decide to start this new blog on WordPress because of two reasons: Firstly, I actually feel that I should share more about myself with my schoolmates. Facebook is ideal for connecting, but when it comes to blogging, the built-in tools are just too discouraging. Secondly, I urgently need to improve my English. It is the same rationale why a pianist should also practice more and more or why an athlete always strives to surpass their opponents. The grass is always greener on the other side, and there is nothing to be ashamed if we feel the temptation to be there. Nobody should be pleased and satisfied with what they have but strive their best to conquer new challenges. Therefore, it is high time I practiced my belief that the only method to get better at something, unless you are prodigious, is to do it over and over again. English as a language is not an exception.

In short, this WordPress blog will be mostly written in English and its content will be mostly about how I spent my days and how they actually impact my life. Once in a while, there will be notes on Facebook but those are just random thoughts that cannot make it into a blog entry. Inevitably, what needs to be in Vietnamese cannot be in English and vice versa; for that I truly apologize. Links will always be posted of Facebook whenever a new blog entry is updated here so that my friends can keep up easily.

It cannot be denied that I have this slight problem of keeping my blog entries short and concise. Ideas, thoughts and feelings just follow one another and they are just too priceless to be lost if I do not type them down immediately. It is 4am now, by the way. Perhaps I should get some sleep.

Good day!

Nguyen Vu Phuc Thu

p/s: you all will soon get used to my spontaneous and random style of blogging :P


6 thoughts on “[31.01.10] start of something new

  1. I hate you :((. Too long :(( and in fact I can’t understand most of what you wrote :((
    “Đồ Thú Nhún”, on the other way I think I have to learn your writing way to improve my English skills.


  2. you know what, just the two first sentences I laughed like a nut, “it’s 3am and it’s an undeniable statement”, it’s so you, i can’t think of anyone who would just say things like you .

    the idea of devoting yourself into investigating time and space sounds really nice :)

    i understand what you say abt career decision, wanna hear about mine ? I’m standing at two-way crossroad, one direction heading to Business – my parents’ desire – one heading to Cinematography – this is my desire in life. Have you ever experienced the moment when you’re standing beside a camera, looking at the shooting team working and your heart starts to beat so fast ?
    I did. My friend’s father is a musical show directors, I once followed him to the studio, it was so much complicated, professional and technically superb. For just seconds, I imagined myself as a director.
    From that fugitive impressions, I know I just wanna major in Cinematography.
    I have months to the time I have to make up my mind, and tell my parents about my decision. Great struggle.
    glad to have another hpvner on wordpress, mine is blogspot, and im gonna add your blog to my blogroll. also , man , i love reading your English piece of writing. Keep writing as much and frequently as you can :)) I’m a very eager blog-commentator.


  3. randomly found your blog :))
    Thụ viết người lớn quá. Có lẽ đó là vấn đề của những người còn trẻ và có nhiều khả năng làm việc nào đó.
    Hình như mình cũng từng thích học hoá và muốn thành nhà môi trường học :”>. Còn bây h thì ngồi đây học Marketing :(


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